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Harmony considers the dialogue among societies, cultures, and individuals the way to reach more human and noble values. “Harmony” starts from the linguistic stem of this international word (harmony), which highlights the importance of consistency among the members of a team in music and also the importance of “harmony” in the language to transfer the message to the other.

Learning languages is one sort of dialogue and communication between people. In fact, all the newcomers in their new communities carry with them experiences of peoples and civilisations; the more communication they have among them, the more points of convergence and understanding they develop. More isolation and no attempts to find a common language and a “harmony” for bridging the gaps among individuals will result in more distance and hatred. This will leave a negative impact on the history of human civilisation and lead to enmity.
“Harmony” centre offers Dutch language and other international languages (English, Arabic, French, Spanish a.o.)
However, it does not end here. Harmonie maintains relations with people, who become a member with us, to be with them in the various stages of their lives in the Netherlands or during their travels around the world, with their languages and cultures and via our cultural activities and music. In brief we attempt to be a part of the “harmony” of the lives of those who participate with us.

Teaching languages and supervising curricula represent our main task. We try to transfer our experience in teaching and learning Dutch or Arabic or any of the international languages to the members of “harmony” directly without a mediator.

Experience reveals the fact that learning a language is not only learning the main skills: writing, reading, listening, speaking, but also pronunciation, pitch, and the intonation of the sentences, because the way of speaking and pronunciation of words are part of transferring the meaning.

We try to provide those who enter the world of “harmony” with a convincing example of the positive impact the Syrian cultural background has to offer.

We also show how our experiences of the Arab and Syrian community, and the experiences of people in their previous community, will be a factor to enrich the new community by finding a common language and looking confidently to the future.
We welcome your ideas in deepening our insight and open up new ways of communication. If you have anything to add or any ideas to share, you can contact us through our offices or via our


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