Integration Courses

How can you learn the language and integrate in the society without being absorbed by it or losing your distinctive properties?
What is the difference between integration and absorption?
How can you take part in building the new society through your former experiences?

How to get a suitable career?
How to make your culture and former knowledge a bridge towards the new life and not let it burden you?

How to achieve success in the integration exam with enjoyment and see it as an opportunity to acquire knowledge?

“Harmony” attempts through its programmes for language learning and cultural activities to hold out a hand in the new life.
You are living now in the Netherlands so it is natural to learn the language of the country, because the language is key for the new life here. Don’t think too much about the exam, success, or failure; this is our task. We will change your relation with Dutch language into that of friendship and love through teachers who are experts, distinctive curricula, professional administration, and daily supervision.

You may say: I am old, I don’t know the alphabet, I don’t understand the language, I studied the grammar, but I cannot speak the language, what I hear in the street is different from school???!!!
Maybe you have a certificate, maybe not. This is no problem! We will help you to achieve your objective.

There are many schools in the Netherlands. However, you need a school which fits best your situation and provides you with the best way to reach your objective, how can this be done?

It is very easy. Only register in one of our courses for learning Dutch all over the year in different periods and in a number of places. We make an appointment for you with specialist teachers to evaluate your level, give advice, suggest a suitable programme for the best way to achieve your objective.
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Courses System in our school

3 days a week – 3 hours a day – 9 hours a week – a course every 3 months.

We can offer intensive courses, courses at home and private lessons. The costs and the subjects can be arranged with the administration. We can arrange a special price for university students who do not have the loan from DUO.