In “Harmony” we are sure that consistency with the world is important for the tone of life. However, we believe that consistency does not mean to leave your memories behind, but rather to strengthen them. When does a memory become the key of life? And when does it become the burden of life?

This we will clarify for you. If you want to have more knowledge about: traditions and customs in Syria, Syrian dialects, the Syrian community and its various structures, literature and arts and all the details of the Syrian life, food, the country and the countryside, religions, parties, nations, ethnicities, and the system of life, this all you can find with us.
We have a group of experts in the Syrian culture and community who will lead you to your objective.

It is natural for us to have experience in the Arab culture and Arab communities, because they are part of that fabric. If you want to know more, have the will to learn an Arabic dialect, or deepen your experience in one aspect of Arab culture, then we will be your partner.
Also, we have periodical activities where you can participate and interact with (story, poetry, singing, music, Sufi and folk dancing, lectures, theater.)

Are you looking for a workshop, a course or a one-day practice, a lecture on the Syrian and Arab affairs and would you like to know more details?
Name what you want to know or wish to deepen your experience in, and we will call you. Contact us via our E-mail or click here to fill in the application.