Literacy, A0, A1 and A2
You now live in the Netherlands, so it goes without saying that you want to learn Dutch. The language is the key to your new life. Our teachers will make you feel more at home in the Netherlands.

Our teachers are interested in uw background. And they will tell you about Dutch culture during language lessons and in the Introduction to Dutch Society course. In this way the lessons form a bridge between your old and your new life.

Lecturers Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market help you to find work with which you can make your own contribution to Dutch society. 

In addition to the teachers, there is also a student supervisor in each lesson location. Our student counselors help you with communication over uw leertraject.

You can register here HERE for one of our courses or you can call 0684324212

When you sign up, we make an appointment for a first meeting. You then take an intake test, which determines at what level you will start your lessons. We then offer you a contract. Usually an A2 course starts immediately after the end of an A1 course. 

Lesson groups of Harmonie count 5 to a maximum of 16 students. The average group consists of 10 students. Some of them have received higher education in their home country, others have not. New students can enroll up to the second week after the start of a course. 

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